MontiiCo - Original Smoothie Cup [Peachy Hearts]


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Meet Peachy Hearts Smoothie from MontiiCo

Part of the RAD RANGE, with her party poppin' printed finish. Peachy colour with a Heart shaped laser print. You'll start your day feelin' peachy! With a bounce in your step, you'll be kicking off the day and spreading the lurrvvee (heart eyes emoji)

Meet Mrs Smoothie, she’s irresistibly sweet on the eye – but don’t confuse her cuteness for softness, she’s as hard as they come. When you step out holding her insulated steel body there’s no worry of smashing or spilling a drop, she’ll keep your liquid cool all day. Fill her up with whatever your kids fancy – smoothies, juice, infused water, milkshakes and more! She also makes a mean iced coffee coz kids don’t get to have all the fun.

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